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The good life

Posted: April 21, 2013 in Uncategorized

Listened to a podcast on on human flourishing and joy. In The Confessions of Augustine book X, Augustine says our joy comes from love of the truth and the truth is in God. 

“For I ask any one, had he rather joy in truth, or in falsehood? They will as little hesitate to say “in the truth,” as to say “that they desire to be happy,” for a happy life is joy in the truth: for this is a joying in Thee, Who art the Truth, O God my light”. But we love what does not make us happy or give us joy and therefore deny the truth.

“Why then joy they not in it? why are they not happy? because they are more strongly taken up with other things which have more power to make them miserable, than that which they so faintly remember to make them happy.”

Therefore we hate the truth because we love the lie.

“unless that truth is in that kind loved, that they who love anything else would gladly have that which they love to be the truth: and because they would not be deceived, would not be convinced that they are so? Therefore do they hate the truth for that thing’s sake which they loved instead of the truth.” 

 So what do we love? Money, power, sex ( and all their variations )? Some of us wrap it in religion ( I’m blessed) but inside we really think we deserve these things that we love either because we are smart, or righteous, or good looking, or have a great personality, or whatever. When we get what we love it is because of us. When we don’t get it we blame others or God.

And what should we love?