Wrath of God

Posted: May 23, 2013 in religion

I was reading a blogpost on the atonement and weather God poured out his wrath on Jesus or did humanity pour out our hate on him. This got me thinking what is “The Wrath of God”.

Does God get pissed because we do something stupid and realllly sinful and ZAP. Does He say to JC and HG “what were they thinking”, or is something else going on?

Maybe the universe He created and sustains left to its on devises is a cold cruel place “red in tooth and claw” that would devolve to a chaotic hell. Maybe God in his common grace, mercy, and loving kindness orders and directs in such a way that we as a race have a chance to survive and flourish.

Is it possible that Gods “wrath” is when He withdraws His mercy and common grace and that is what He did to Jesus at the cross. The Father can not hate the Son, he can not be cruel or malicious or he would not be God.

Is this what awaits those who trust in themselves. Will they have to go it alone without mercy. And in that kind of world (hell) will they have to carry their own cross.

  1. chicagoja says:

    Could it be that the Wrath of God is simply a biblical interpretation of real events, but not actually about God (the Prime Creator). Instead, it could reflect how man’s creator (at least with respect to homo sapiens sapiens) is simply a more highly-evolved human who has tendencies towards anger and violence. In that case, man definitely was created in God’s image, wasn’t he?

    • jleefeldman says:

      Anything is possible. That doesn’t mean anything is probable. speculation about more highly evolved humans just pushes the causation further into the past. Without an infinite regression at some point there has to be a self existent uncaused Creator that we call God.
      As for the Wrath of God you are correct it could be our interpretation of natural events.

      • chicagoja says:

        I agree that there at some point has to be a Creator that we call God. With respect to events in the distant past, I would only say that it’s not just the distant past but also biblical times (including some of the Bible stories) and it is no longer speculation since there is a credible body of research and archaeology to back it up.

      • jleefeldman says:

        Not being a young earth Christian I have no problem reconciling archaeology and the biblical account. Natural revelation and special revelation don’t conflict in my opinion and seem to corespond to the way the world is.

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