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Angels and demons

Posted: June 16, 2013 in religion

Why did angels rebel, why is there no redemption for them? Angels were created as immortal perfect beings in the presence of God. They were not only in a perfect presence but in a perfect place. But as with man they had free will. God wants his creatures to worship him freely, not under compulsion or duress. Having rejected the rule of God under these circumstances how could there ever be hope for redemption. If given a choice they would probably rather be IN heaven but under there own authority not Gods. There is no sin in heaven so that is not the problem, there is no unbelief about Gods existence or power or goodness. There is only rebellion. They would rather live in hell without God than in heaven and submit.

So how did angels turn into demons. How did they go from so good to so bad. It could be the opposite of sanctification, whereas we in a lifetime are to become more like Jesus (God), they as immortal being become less godlike for thousands if not millions of years.

What about us? We are mortal imperfect beings without God, born in rebellion. We are born in sin in a fallen world. This is as close to hell as the redeemed will ever get and as close to heaven as the lost will ever get, but I think it is a lot more like hell than heaven. If we chose to submit to Gods authority and go to heaven how could we ever rebel and come back here. We have been to hell, without hope and without God. But we have free will also and we can chose our way over His ways. Unlike in heaven where there is no sin, in this world everything is tainted with sin, so sin is still not the problem. It still comes down to submission and trust in Him.

By the way this is totally my opinion extra biblical and probably wrong.



Posted: June 11, 2013 in religion, world view

Not to long ago I read a paper by c s Lewis “The obstinacy in belief.” An ongoing discussion with Kirk about universalism, penal substitution, etc, etc, etc brings it to mind. The gist of it is that if we believe something on what we think is good evidence or reason we hold on to it strongly despite what might seem better evidence to the contrary. The stronger the evidence for our beliefs (whether true or not) the harder to overcome them. I.e. if,our belief,is a 6 then it may take a 9 or 10 to get us to consider changing whereas if our belief is a 2 it may only take a 2.1 to change our mind.

This really comes into play with different religions or world views. An atheist who thinks he is appealing to reason may continue to hold his position no matter what, or a theist may let his presuppositions blind him to almost anything.

IF our belief is based on an experience without reason it is probably only held as strongly as the experience is reinforced. For instance a teenager is caught up in his youth group with all his friends but it is experience without reason, then off to college and a new stronger experience and atheist or agnostic authority and reasons. His old belief is a 2 and his new belief is a 2.1, his next belief is probably a 2.11 or whatever his next girlfriend believes (as good a reason as he had in youth group except the sex is better now, hence the .11 improvement)

If we really believe, we should be open to the evidence wherever it leads. If we believe in a God who has revealed himself we should not be afraid. natural revelation and special revelation should not be in conflict and if they seem that way we need to reconcile the difference.

the question is how strongly and why do you believe what you believe.