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i have been to India, a place with a billion people, and almost that many idols (gods).  Their gods say you are reincarnated so whats the big deal.  Do good you move up the chain, do bad you move down.  It’s like fate, so who am I to interfere?  I’ve been to Russia where the state is their idol (god).  The government knows what is best and who am I to interfere.  In Europe  it’s the same only the state does a better job till they run out of OPM.  In Islam, god is impersonal and just demands obedience. Toe the line or else (think ISIS, Al Quid a, Taliban).

 America is a lot that way, with fewer people.  Most of us just call our idol Jesus.  They worship trees, and rocks, and statues and the government and Allah.  We worship prosperity, or the environment, or social justice, or free love, our families, or our work, and our Jesus tells us that He will bless us if we follow the plan that we proof text out of scripture.  And we also become like what we worship.  Others are not blessed because they don’t worship Our god.  Or our god will punish them in the end for not toeing the line, Just like Vishnu, and Allah, and the Government.

Jesus said love God, love your neighbor, trust in Me.  Do that and you may be like what you worship.