Inspired, infallible, inerrant

Posted: October 14, 2014 in religion, Uncategorized

Inspired, infallible, inerrant?
Not a search for heresy but for truth.

The bible was written by men inspired by the Holy Spirit. It is inerrant in the way the original author intended. It is infallible in that it’s truths are eternal and lead to salvation.

The bible is NOT a history book (although it has historical narrative), it is not a self help book (although it is a great help and comfort in this life), it is not a science book (although it does not contradict science)

Inspired can mean lead by God thru dreams or by direct revelation or through oral tradition or wisdom writings or compiled poetry, etc. The bible has to be interpreted in the context and genre of the authors experiences, circumstances, tradition, writing style, method of revelation, and purpose. It is written so that the people of that era could understand it. It spoke to the observations of the hearer.

Inspired does NOT mean a word for word literal complete dictation of God speaking to the author (like the claims of the Quran). Paul speaks of mysteries not revealed and we see types of Jesus in the Old Testament. It is obvious that the original authors did not have this revelation.

The Bible is true in everything it teaches. The question is, what does it teach? Sometimes scripture may be telling us the truth about someone or something rather than what actually happened.

Was genesis 1 a literal history or a literary narrative. Was the flood regional or worldwide. Did job’s calamities all fall on the same day? Did Caesar count and tax the ENTIRE world or only the areas in and around Palestine?

Someone’s interpretation of scripture does not tell you they are correct. It only tells you how they interpret it (this does not mean there is no correct interpretation). Scripture is not subjective in that it can mean whatever you want it to mean, but it is not totally objective in that it only has meaning to the people and circumstances originally written to.



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