Free will and the sovereignty of God 

Posted: March 31, 2015 in Uncategorized

what is free will? Is it “could have done otherwise” ( libertarian free will), or is it a kind of ” soft determinism ” ( compatiblism) based on our nature?  What I mean is do we make decisions based on careful reasoning, choosing the course that is either in our self interest or that fits our moral paradigm, or do we make decisions based on our inner character, and if the latter is it really a free will decision?  

Obviously some decisions fit the libertarian profile, but I think most decisions upon careful reflection don’t. We think we are being rational and thoughtful but the outcome was a forgone conclusion. We go with our group. 

How does this fit in with the Christian perspective of God?  If we really are ” born again”, new creatures, is our new character slowly transforming us into a new determined man?  And if so when we act like this new man at first and go against our old nature is this free will, but as we become more like Christ does it become determinism ( we really could not have done otherwise)?  Once you see the ” image of God ” in other people, once you start loving those people and when you start giving Grace because you’ve been given so much, you can’t go back. At that point God has worked all things for good for those called according to His sovereign purpose. 


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