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The Idea: SSM is only fair and just. Marriage is not about love, commitment, sex, respect, or fairness. The government could care less how you feel about someone, who you sleep with, or what is fair (ask the IRS). The government only has an interest in the next generation of taxpayers, and as a rule (statistically ) and by nature (biologically ) a child raised by his/her biological parents in a stable family is best for society.

If you take the child out of SSM then by definition you take the child out of all marriage and it becomes meaningless over time for all couples. Feelings and sexual attractions change over time so the new definition of marriage encourages broken homes and the children, and society (all of us), pay the price.

Many marriages are dysfunctional and end in divorce! SO WHAT, does this mean we should not promote stable marriages (families). Many gay couples make great parents. SO WHAT, does that mean we should sacrifice the vast majority on the alter of political correctness to appease the few with no benefit to society as a whole, and with the new meaning of marriage no real benefit to the same sex couple either.